SHP-A30 How to DELETE a Lock from the App.

  1. Click on "Device"from the main menu of the app
  2. Choose the lock you want to delete from the list of devices added to the app
  3. Click the "Settings" under the lock chosen 
  4. Scroll down till the end of the list of settings and you will find "Delete this Device"

    Notes : 
  1. If there are other shared users
    1. then you can be invited by other users as it will be removed from your app only.
    2. The Temporary code will be remained.

  2. If you are the last user of this door lock
    1. The temporary codes created from the app will be deleted.
    2. The access log data will be deleted.
    3. But the user PIN code created from the lock will be remained.
    4. The mast PIN code and Fingerprints will be remained.