SHP-A30 Main Specs

Model Numbers & Names :

  • SHP-A30FCDS/EN : Satin Nickel (Silver)
  • SHP-A30FCDB/EN : Oil rubbed Bronze (Black)
  • SHP-A30FCDB/EN : Polished brass (Gold)

Main Features : 

  • It has 1 Master PIN code (4 ~ 12 digits )
  • 50 user PIN Codes can be created ( 4 ~ 12 digits )
  • Permanent User PIN Code(PU) : created at the door lock with no duration.The name in the app is User ID number. (eg: Num 1)
  • Temporary User PIN Code(TU) : can be created from the app with a duration. User ID numbers for TU are automatically given to this Temporary User PIN code, so it can be deleted from the door lock with this user ID number.
               eg. :  You have PU with user ID 2 and 3. Once you create new TU, it will have user ID
                        1 as it’s blank. Second TU will have user ID 4 as ID 2 and 3 are already
  • 10 Shared Users including the first user who registered the lock to the server.
  • One user can have many door locks in the app, but we recommend max 8 for the stable operation.
  • Access Log data : Max 30 days. (No limits for one day)