SHP-DP609 - How to Add a Lock to the App.

1. Make sure "Samsung Smart Doorlock" App is installed on your mobile.

2. Make sure you create an account for the App.( User ID & Password ) 

3. Unlock and open the door

4. Press the lock/unlock button to extend the deadbolt while the door is open (Keep door locked)

5. Take the battery cover off

6. Press the + sign on the door lock mobile app.

7. Choose the lock SHP-DP609 lock from the list of Locks

8. Press "Continue" if the lock is properly installed and powered up . 

9. Choose a name for your lock and press "next"

Add lock 1

10. Double check the instruction page ( WiFi , Location & Mobile data ) then press"ready to connect". ( If required , turn Mobile Data OFF ) 

11. Press the "Reg" button on the door lock for 5 secs ( while deadbolt is extended or door lock is locked) 

12. Press the button "Starting WiFi registration " on the App once you hear the same from the door lock 

13. Connect your mobile to the door lock WiFi named "Samsung Door Lock "

14. go back to the smart door lock app and press"next" 

15. Choose the wifi of your premises and enter its password . 

Add lock 2

16. Turn Back ON "Mobile Data" and press "next"

17. wait till the lock is successfully added to your App. 

Add lock 3