SHP-DS705 - How to pair to a smart phone


Note: Up to eight compatible smart phones can be paired. To pair multiple smart phones, turn off the Bluetooth of a paired smart phone, and pair another smart phone.

Download ‘sHome Doorlock’ from the App Store / Google Play Store.
1. Click on the plus (+) sign to Register your door lock.
2. Create a Door Lock Name.
3. Create a User Nickname.
4. Choose the Door Lock Type “Circle”.
5. Go to the Smart Phone’ settings, then turn on Bluetooth.
6. Unlock and open the door then take off the battery cover, located in the interior unit.
7. Press the Registration Button briefly to enter Registration Mode. A beeping sound (Ding-Dong) will be heard and the keypad will light up.
8. Enter 88 then (*) asterisk. A beeping sound (Ding-Dong) will be heard.
9. Enter the current PIN code then (*) asterisk.
10. On the app, click next.
11. You will then receive a 6- digit pairing code.
12. Enter the 6-digit code on the lock then (*) asterisk.
13. A Registration Complete message will show on the app.