SHS-3321 - How to change the door lock direction

When door lock direction is set incorrectly, the door lock opens when the keypad is touched. To change the direction please follow steps below or via:

  • Install magnetic sensor into the correct port
  • Right trigger port for right handed doors and Left trigger port for left handed doors
    • When looking from the outside of the house looking in if the hinges are on the left it is a left handed door, if the hinges are on the right it is a right handed door.
  • With the batteries are in the unit, use the magnet to set the door lock direction by placing the magnet next to the magnetic sensor
  • You should hear a beep which will indicate that the door lock direction has been set
  • Touching the keypad should now lock the door (extend the deadbolt)

*Quick Note: The door lock direction will only change if magnet and sensor come into contact and the beep is heard. The door lock direction will not change if only the magnetic sensor is installed and it doesn’t come into contact with a magnetic field.*